At Maximed Pharmacies we strive to be your best partner in all health matters!

We would welcome any query or comments related to your requirements from us. Please use our Contact Form to send us an email and we’ll gladly call you back as soon as we can …

We offer the following services to all our customers:

  • A full retail pharmaceutical dispensary & front-store service
  • A Primary Health Care Clinic that offers:
    • Immunisation & antenatal care
    • Wound care
  • Pathological Services for:
    • Insurance Companies
    • Diagnostic Tests
    • Occupational Health
  • A CDE Clinic
  • A Weight Loss Clinic
  • An Occupational Hygiene Service

If you need something that we have not listed, please contact us! At Maximed Pharmacies, you are our No 1 priority!

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