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Ngoma Soap Complexion 120g

by Ngoma
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What is Ngoma Soap Complexion?
  • Deep Cleansing to Unblock Pores
  • Anti-Bacterial Ingredients
  • Reduces Blemishes
  • Perfectly Adapted to all skin types
  • Refreshing

What are Ngoma Herbal Medicated soaps?

Ngoma Herbal Medicated soaps have been specially formulated to deliver the very best skincare, as well as a healthy dose of potent natural herbal actives to help specific conditions or ailments. Designed to cleanse and moisturise, while stimulating your skin with the known benefits of natural herbs and flowers.

As your body's largest organ, your skin has the amazing ability to absorb beneficial ingredients and deliver them to your whole system. In this way, the proven essential oils and plant extracts in Ngoma Soaps help to soothe and treat your whole body.

Ngoma Soaps are ideal for everyday use by the whole family. Long-lasting active germ protection, that guards your family against germs and other bacteria, keeping skin hygienically clean and fresh.