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Lennon Turlington Tincture 20ml

by Lennon
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What is Lennon Turlington Tincture?

Lennon Turlington Tincture 20ml is a symptomatic treatment for coughs and chronic bronchitis, and an antiseptic for minor cuts and scratches.

How to use:

Half to one medicine measure (2.5 - 5.0 ml) two or three times daily. Since Turlington cannot be mixed with other liquids, it is usually taken with sugar or egg yolk. As a styptic: apply a few drops to the cut or wound. Not for use in children.

Ingredients: Each 5 ml contains

the alcoholic extractive of:

  • Benzoin - 0.500g.
  • Prepared storax - 0.375g.
  • Tolu balsam 0.125g.
  • Aloes - 0.100g.

Contains: Ethanol (100%) - 76.06 % v/v.