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LUX Body Wash Soft Caress 400ml

by Lux
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What is LUX Body Wash Soft Caress?

Indulge in irresistibly smooth and fragranced skin with LUX Soft Caress body wash. Formulated with the Fine Fragrance Pearls, this fragrant shower gel has twice the perfume bloom of real flowers.  The enchanting fragrances will envelop you in a warm, floral cocoon that lasts long after the shower. 

Lux bodywash is fragranced with scents created by expert perfumers, and leaves your skin smelling gorgeous and feeling silky soft and smooth. When you use Lux body wash, every bath or shower is a sensual indulgence.

LUX body wash bubbles up to a plush lather that feels amazing and moisturises as it cleanses your skin. Keeping your skin soft and moisturised is an essential part of your beauty routine. With Lux body wash and beauty soap with SilkEssence, it's easy to cleanse and moisturise your body in one go, while the relaxing fragrances help you to stay calm and focused. It's like having a personal at-home spa, where you can relax with gentle scents and enjoy the moisturising lather of this pampering beauty bodywash.