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Poxclin Coolmousse Solution 100ml

by Poxclin
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What is Poxclin Coolmousse Solution?

PoxClin CoolMousse Solution 100ml is specially formulated to help tackle the itching and irritation caused by chickenpox. It is easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling cool and soothed. Also helps to condition the skin and support its natural healing process.

How to use:

Keep to the instructions stated in this patient information leaflet or as your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you. You should always check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure.PoxClin CoolMousse is for external use only.Shake the bottle before use.When first using PoxClin CoolMousse, two to three pumps of the foam dispenser may be needed for the foam to emerge.Apply at least three times a day or whenever relief is required. Apply a generous amount and gently dab it into the skin. PoxClin CoolMousse is a light, smooth mousse and is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin.For an added cooling effect, store PoxClin CoolMousse in the fridge.For prevention of scarring:Frequent application of the mousse increases its effectiveness. PoxClin CoolMousse provides relief from itchiness and protects the skin, resulting in less scratching and fewer infections.It is recommended to apply the CoolMousse prior to change of clothing or whenever relief is required.You should consult a doctor if your child's condition worsens or does not improve.Storing and disposing of PoxClin CoolMousse:Store in a cool, dry place.PoxClin CoolMousse should not be used for more than 30 consecutive days, which usually covers a whole treatment period. Do not use PoxClin CoolMousse after the expiry date stated on the foam dispenser or packaging.Do not use PoxClin CoolMousse if you notice visible signs of deterioration.


WPoxClin contains 2QR, a Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker. This blocker helps the skin’s natural skin barrier in blocking harmful bacteria. The bacterial blocker in PoxClin is a polysaccharide derived from the Aloe Barbadensis plant. It blocks harmful bacteria from the environment and therefore helps to protect the skin from their attack. This, unlike most antibiotics and antiseptics is a completely natural process and does not involve harsh, toxic chemicals.