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Prospan Effervescent Cough Tablets 10 Effervescent Tablets

by Prospan
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What are Prospan Effervescent Cough Tablets?

Used as an expectorant to help relieve coughs and loosen mucus and phlegm.

Supports and improves respiratory function in those with chronic bronchitis.

Are non-sedating cough tablets that reduce and relieve coughing. Can be taken as a hot or cold drink.

How to use:

  • Children 4 -12 years: Half a tablet three times daily in 100 ml of hot or cold water
  • Adults: 1 tablet twice daily in 200 ml of hot or cold water 

Ingredients: Each capsule contains:

Ivy leaf extract

Precautions, Contra-indications and Side Effects:

Do not use if allergic to ivy.