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Salex Saline Sinus Rinse Refill Pack 60 Sachets

by Salex
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What is Salex Saline Sinus Rinse Refill Pack?

Salex Saline Sinus Rinse Refill Pack 60 Sachets can be used to ease sinus congestion and moisten dry nasal passages. Can also be used to soothe a post nasal drip and tackle allergy symptoms. Specially formulated not to burn or sting. Makes 12 litres.

How to use:

Use twice daily to prevent allergen build-up.

  1. Pour 200 ml (to mark on bottle) of distilled water or freshly boiled and cooled water into the bottle.Do not use boiling water.
  2. Tear off a corner of the sachet and empty the contents into the bottle
  3. Ensure inner tube is firmly seated in nozzle.Screw nozzle onto bottle.
  4. Close the top of the nozzle with one of your fingers before shaking.
  5. Hold the bottle and shake well until all the powder is dissolved.
  6. Stand and lean forward, over a basin to a comfortable position with your head facing down.
  7. Open your mouth, press the nozzle upwards and against your nostril. Gently squeeze the bottle until the contents drain from your mouth or other nostril. Squeeze a few times until 100 ml has been used. Repeat on the other nostril.All that is required is a gentle flow of saline into the nostril.
  8. Squeezing too hard will make the application uncomfortable.8. After rinsing, gently blow your nose. Do not block nostrils completely to avoid damaging eardrums.
  9. Discard any unused solution.

Rinse bottle, cap, and tube and store upside down to dry. Directions: Use two to three times per day or as directed by your doctor.Use preferably with lukewarm water. Children should only use it under the directions of a doctor.Discard any unused solution immediately.


Each sachet when diluted with 200 ml of water contains 0.72% saline which is isotonic to the nasal mucosa. Excipients: Phosphate buffers and disodium edetate.Preservative-free.