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Sonplus Immune Booster 60 Capsules

by SonPlus
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What is Sonplus Immune Booster?

Sonplus Immune Booster contains a special blend of herbal extracts together with Ascorbic Acid and Selenium which helps strengthen and boost the immune system. The herbal extract helps to detoxify the body and together with Vitamin C and Selenium have strong antioxidant activity, which protects the body from free radicals and is cell-protective. Oleo Europea is both cardioprotective and together with Echinacea has anti-microbial properties. Viscum Album has immuno-modulatory properties.

Sonplus a Nutritional and immune-boosting supplement with a 3 in one combination: 


Sonplus Immune Booster strengthens and boost the immune system. The Capsules may assist with helping viral and bacterial infections, colds and flu, allergies chronic fatigue, urinary tract infections, impaired concentration, wound healing, and eczema. Sonplus capsules contain antioxidant nutrients which provide a defense against cell damage caused by reactive substances, called free radicals, in the body. Anti-oxidants are used to help prevent the development of chronic diseases associated with the aging process. They may be used to help maintain healthy joints, cardiovascular and eye function, immunity, skin hair, and nail health. They help counteract the effects of oxidative stress, pollution, alcohol excess, and poor diet.