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Tetmosol Medicated Soap 75g

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What is Tetmosol Medicated Soap?

It is mainly used for treatment and prevention from scabies and related skin problems like itching, skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, redness on skin. It also works against head and body lice. It can be used for entire body including the head scalp.

How to use:

  • Tetmosol soap can be used on a daily basis, instead of your regular soap, to keep away scabies and related skin problems. 
  • Wet yourself with lukewarm water.
  • Apply Tetmosol soap all over your body paying special attention to the folds of your skin. Lather liberally.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • After bathing, the body should be allowed to dry naturally or dried with a towel using a 'blotting' action.
  • It is suitable for both adults and children.
  • It is only for external use.


  • Monosulfiram 5% w/w (active ingredient) 
  • Citronella oil

Precautions, Contra-indications and Side Effects:

Take special care that lather of Tetmosol does not enter your eyes.
Do not use this soap if you are allergic to sulphur.
Do not use if there is adverse reaction from previous use.