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Uralyt-U 280g Granules

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What are Uralyt-U Granules?

To help dissolve kidney stones and help prevent the formation of kidney stones, of calcium and uric acid stones or mixed stones of calcium oxalate / uric acid or calcium oxalate / calcium phosphate.

How to take:

Usual dosage

  • 1 measuring spoon around 7 - 8.00 am in the morning
  • 1 measuring spoon around 12 midday
  • 2 measuring spoons around 10 pm at night
  • Dissolve the granulate in water or fruit juice before ingestion
  • The daily amount of liquid to be taken must be sufficiently high. With cystinuria, the daily amount of fluid should be 3 liters

Active ingredient:

  • Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate

Note: The use of this product should only be used as part of an overall treatment including prevention of stones through diet, increased fluid intake, etc.