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Xeroderm Sunscreen SPF30 Protect & Moisturise 100ml

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What is Xeroderm Sunscreen SPF30 Protect & Moisturise?

Xeroderm Sunscreen SPF 30 Sun Protection 100 ml is a non-greasy sunscreen, protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays up to 378mm. Regular use of Xeroderm SPF 30 sunscreen helps to prevent drying and premature ageing of the skin. Xeroderm SPF 30 sunscreen cannot reverse existing sun damage but can act as protection against harmful effects of the sun. Colour and fragrance-free.

How to use:

Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure. Apply generously to dry skin. Re-apply frequently - a once-off application is not sufficient. Additional protection in the form of hats, protective clothing and sunglasses is advised. Re-apply after swimming, towel drying or excessive perspiration due to exercise.


Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenon-3, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulphonic Acid, Avobenzone (BMBM), Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Triethanolamine, Imidiazolidinyl Urea, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Tocopheryl Acetate, EDTA.